teddy April 2008

Charlie got a bike for his birthday. After a quick play on the patio at the weekend, we had a trip to the park on the following Tuesday. At first Charlie didn't seem to want to make any effort to pedal or stay upright, he just wanted to be pushed.

A ride on Jenny's bike helped him get the hang of pedalling, and by the time he was back on his own bike he was starting to put some power in. Then he started to get a feel for the balance, and within half an hour of arriving at the park he was riding on his own. It just didn't seem to occur to him that he wouldn't be able to ride a bike.

Practising on the patio
Practising on the patio
Ready to ride
The first try at riding in the park
Getting the hang of pedalling on a slightly smaller bike.
Starting to balance
Going solo
He's got the hang of this now.
Suffering from chickenpox

Speedy People
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