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Jenny's First Bike Ride

On 16/09/02 Mummy and Daddy took Jenny for her first ride in her trailer. It would be nice to say that she loved it, but actually she seemed pretty indifferent and fell asleep on the way home. Still, at least she didn't hate it, and it did Mummy good to get out on her first ride for well over a year.

After a little tinkering (in particular the addition of a couple of washers to the bracket) Daddy managed to hitch the trailer to his Street Machine, although tilted at a greater angle than he would have liked. He took it for a spin around the block before putting Jenny in it and found that the handling was rather twitchy, but nothing he couldn't handle.

When we stopped for lunch he tinkered a bit more and was able to improve the angle. The handling improved after that, too.

The weight was very noticeable and slowed Daddy down quite a bit. But Mummy still had trouble keeping up, so it's not as if he needed to worry about being left behind!

We didn't go far for the first trip. We rode 2.5 miles to Mangotsfield Station, stopped for a picnic (which Jenny did enjoy), then went home.

Jenny sat on Daddy's lap for the picnic while Mummy fed her, then while Mummy and Daddy ate their lunch. She spent the whole time trying to grab Daddy's sandwiches - she might have been OK with the ham and mayonnaise, but somehow we don't think she's ready yet for English mustard.

The first time out in the trailer
Daddy towing the trailer
There's a little head in the window
A better angle
A cuddle from Mummy
A cuddle from Mummy
Happy in the trailer
Time to go home

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