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Knife Juggling 1998 I was invited to join Balls Up (the university juggling club) during my first week at Bath University, but declined on the basis that I'd never have the co-ordination to juggle.

The following Autumn (1992), I got 3 balls and a set of "How to Juggle" instructions from a cheese promotion. I taught myself to juggle over the Christmas vacation and then started learning tricks from a friend when I got back to university.

5 balls 1996

In my final year (1994/95) I was Chairman of Balls Up. When I returned home after graduating I joined the Tunbridge Wells Juggling Club and became a committee member.

I am by no means a natural juggler. It took me several months to learn to juggle 5 balls, and 9 years later I'm still not solid. Nevertheless, I am confident that most people are capable of juggling 7 balls if they put the practice in.

I prefer clubs to balls anyway. At least with clubs you know which end to catch.

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